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Ollie Rouse

Preferred Position - Defence

Age: 26

I joined MVF and Blackpool United Against Fat to play football and lose weight. It's been great to play alongside and against people who find themselves in a similar situation to myself - love playing football but not as fit as they used to be! We have a great group of lads who all support and encourage each other on our weight loss journey. In my first season I lost 5% of my body weight, and whilst I may have put some back on (see burger in picture), I am on track to lose another 5% this season.

When I first joined I didn't know anyone on the team, and was quite nervous before going to my first session. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming that the nerves soon settled, and I know I can give any of the lads a call to have a chat or meetup. To anyone unsure about joining, I would recommend coming down to a training session to get the feel for it, you won't be disappointed!

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