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Meet The Team

Below is a bit about us and our current team.

Founder & Chairman

Gary "The Gaffa"

Hi I'm Gary! I fell in love with football again with man vs fat over a year ago and worked on weight loss. Off the back of that, we created a 11 a side team. Not only does it help football, it promotes Wellbeing and social togetherness being in a group environment.

I relish the challenge and love seeing the bigger lads coming together and playing in a team.

The Lads

Vice Chairman

James "Keeps"


Team Captain

Paul "Mav"

Head of IT is my trade, love all things tech related and spend my time playing Xbox and PC, mostly on Fifa. Love getting together with the guys on and off the pitch like a second family. Lost 8 Stone so far and counting this year.

Joined to continue playing football as only walking football near me in Lytham, I was surprised at some of the quality of players to be honest, some really strong some not so much, but that's the point, it doesn't matter, collectively we play some super games, but above all else the comradeship that is enjoyed across all the lads is priceless! Great banter as you can imagine, but also a massive avenue to help us get fitter and drop some timber without judgement! Initially thought "MVF" ... ""WTF"... However I now cannot wait for Monday night to come around, join us, you wont look back! MAV!!


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