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Hi all, names Paul aka "Mav" and I've played several sports including football for a while. However life catches up and at 54 years old I still wanted to play at some competitive level, but also get back into shape, main inspiration being family and kids etc. Since joining I have dropped a total of 17KG (2 stone 10lbs) in old money. I am super competitive and a very quiet guy (The lads will be ripping me for that bit), so to be involved with such a great bunch of guys from a myriad of diverse and inclusive backgrounds is awesome! Whether it's the training nights, banter on the group, Matchday excitement or nerves, or the powerful mental health support without even realising it, I can honestly say this TEAM has been 2nd to none.

Add the fact I've gone from xxxl tops to a Large (Stretchy large) and feel brilliant.. that's a bonus!

So if you want just a flavour of the above with zero judgement or expectation other than to give it your best shot and enjoy the beautiful game.. get signed up and dont look back!

❤ Mav!


Mav scoring a lovely Chipped finish 1 on 1 with the GK on His Birthday!

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