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James "Keeps" Morgan

So I started my weightloss "journey" uhhh sounds such a PC thing to say, i was 172KG (27 Stone ish) in June 2022.

I had a knee infection that i went to go get checked out and the Doctors did all the usual standard checks, temp, blood pressure etc and she was stuned that my BP was 218/160. I will never forget what she said to me that day "How have you not had a Stroke yet?" which as you can imagine it wakes your fat ass up!. I have 3 kids and want to be there for them. the main thing that would help with your BP is the weight. i was prescribed some BP meds and off i went. I spoke to my GP about anything that could be done with weightloss help. My GP carried out an assessment and said to me that the chances of me dying within the next 5 years was only 7%.... he then to drive the point home on how maths works said "if there was 100 of you only 7 would die" I had looked into a surgical aproach to get this under control asap, after all i have struggled with yo-yo dieting and knew that a Gastric Sleave proceedure would be my best chance of shifting this weight.

What they do during this proceedure is cut away 75% of your stomach and leave you with a small 100-150ml stomach. this then gives you that full fealing after consuming food as i never before really used to get full, i could eat until feeling sick.

Knowing this i asked the GP if something like this was available on the NHS, his response was "you need to have had" and the word emphasised was "AT LEAST 1 heart attack" So this cleary was not the route to go. I ended up going abroad for the surgery.

Since having it done i now eat less, feel more energetic, make better food choices and actually feel full after a meal!

Im currently down to a weight of 135KG (21 Stone) at the time of writing this (November 22)

6 Stone in 6 Months and im Loving Life! also nearly completley off my BP meds!

There is a stigma attached too having weightloss surgery, that its cheating, the easy way out. trust me it is not. the hardest thing to change is where you are at Mentally. the Surgeon said to me afterwards "we have changed your stomach from a Bears to a Squirrels, now you need to think like a Squirrel"..... How true.

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